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Runes fascinate and some do believe there is some kind of magic power in the runes. The futhark as the runealfabetic is called, was used hundreds of years before the Vikings made them immortal, and in Norway and preferably in Sweden runes was used in common many hundred years after the Vikingperiod was over. During the years the form of the runes changed and there are many different futharks. You can read more about it under runes.

What about nowadays? Are runes still in use?

Well, the answer of the question is found on this site among with more facts and myths about runes, runestones and Vikings. When you done with the reading you can pop in to the shop and perhaps order a unique runestone of your own.

We hope you will enjoy the site and have a pleasant time reading about the past. If you have any questions, want to order from the shop or have any opinion about the contents of the site, we will appreciate if you contact us.

Do the right-hand runes want to tell you something?



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